Taste the Rainbow Vyzkoušejte ty nejlepší superfoods Doplňky - to musíte mít

Nové 100% přírodní superfood prášky

Zcela nové produkty a první Rainbow collection právě v prodeji. Užijte si radost z duhy s našimi barevnými superfoods!


Our superfoods are 100% raw, gluten free, vegan, natural and suitable for children. They are a source of vitamins and antioxidants that contribute to overall health combined with a healthy and balanced diet. With our brightly coloured powders you can make your breakfast and other goodies even more enjoyable and nutritious every day. It's up to your imagination!






Setkala jsem se těmito barevnými prášky v zahraničí a jsem ráda, že už je můžu pořídit i tady. Miluju Acai smoothie. Superfoods mě i rodině pomohly s řadou zdravotních problému. Nejsou to jen barvičky.

Tina C.

During my pregnancy I had serious digestion problems; even probiotics did not help me. Then I came across colourful superfoods and added them to my yoghurt every morning. It is incredible how they helped me.

Kamila D.

For me, colourful superfoods are a relief. I kept solving colourful lemonades and sweets from the shop with my kids. Now we have healthy colours. Children make home-made goodies with them and they are no longer interested in those from the shop.

Martina F.

Blue Spirulina is a number one for me! I add it to my smoothie every morning and it gives me energy for the whole day. And that wonderful colour! I can only recommend these superfoods!

Barbara L.

Finally, rainbow superfoods in our country! For me the best superfoods ever! I like baking with these colours. Surprisingly, also my boyfriend started to like them and adds them to his smoothies.

Monika S.

I love Pink Pitaya! Also my children like it. Except from smoothies, pancakes and other goodies we also make perfect lemonade with it. And that beautiful pink colour!

Tereza M.

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